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Workplace alignment is critical to job satisfaction and success, whether that 'workplace' is at home or elsewhere. What we do needs to have meaning for us. Our "work" needs to meet our needs on at least some levels, and the more levels the better. It pays the bills, it makes us happy, and allows us to grow spiritually and contribute to the growth of others. Full alignment is when what you do, is who you are.

Many of my clients, in one way or another, want and need to better align themselves with what they do at work, and how they do it. Corporate clients often need to make peace with some of the challenges of the workplace and overcome resentment at being overlooked, conflict, disappointment in roles, confidence issues, money and success blocks and so much more. These may sound like unusual topics for hypnosis but they are not. Almost always the root cause of these issue lies in unmet childhood needs (we all have unmet childhood needs). In early childhood, the brain is in delta brain wave states and loading everything it experiences into the soft sponge of the brain, forming conclusions and beliefs about the world that are most likely no longer serving your highest good, in fact may be seriously harming you. Once these issues are properly identified, and brought up to the fully conscious mind, we can tackle these issues as logical adults and reframe them as blatantly untrue, or misguided, or no longer applicable. We, as logical adults , are also able to find other ways to meet these needs, to heal aspects of the inner child, or find ways to align these needs with what we do at work and get extra meaning, and extra benefits, out of the work life. When a job has meaning for you, and is fulfilling sub-conscious needs, you are naturally highly motivated and find your work deeply fulfilling. Suddenly there is conscious alignment and a surge of energy for your life and your career.

Understanding yourself is power.

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