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Your Thoughts Are Yours To Change


Will power cannot override the sub-conscious. So don't feel that's the cause of not being able to control behaviors or thoughts. Once you have a subconscious belief the only way to change it is in the sub-conscious, and the easiest way to do this is with the help of a hypnotherapist. 

The change you seek is unique to you. Below are just a few possible themes I commonly see in my practice. Feel free to contact me for a complimentary call, and we can discuss your unique issue and how we would tackle it.  

Almond Blossom


Doing what you came here to do.

Your subconcious knows what will fulfill you most in life and what you came here for. What are the next steps for you to create a life of meaning and purpose? How do your align your life with its soul purpose? How do you step into your true power? How can you best create the life of your dreams?   In other words how do you set your GPS for: "Highest path in life" and then constantly get feedback and routing information when you step off track? 

How can you release the internal limiting beliefs that are holding you back from this path, and may show up as procrastination or self doubt or many other things unique to you?

Like all the sessions, this is a deep dive that takes around 1 1/2  hours and is followed by follow-up emails and a call if needed, to assist you as much as needed while you adjust to your new understanding of yourself.  You also receive a  21 day custom audio to help you reprogram your subconscious, with repetition, with the exact words and phrases and beliefs you need to hear.  The coaching emails or call  help you take what you learnt from your subconscious into your conscious world and bring the results to fruition.

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