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Hi Leanne,
I just listened to my recording! That was awesome. I love it so much. The love wheel is such a powerful word picture I actually cried because it’s a big wheel for me and the love radiating to me is overwhelming! The way you incorporated my inner child was brilliant too!! Thank You so much!!!

Carmen, Los Angeles

The session was amazing! I felt relaxed and very safe with you. You led me to discover the answer I was looking for such a long time ago. It was so relieving.

Natalia, Barcelona, Spain

The session illuminated occurrences in my past which I have been carrying around as subconscious emotional baggage. It then disarmed them and reprogrammed my mind to allow me to move forward with more confidence in myself. It was a transformational experience.

Alex, Toronto, Canada

Thank you for an amazing session! Was so great to get clarity from the past, present, and future. Truly amazing! Went so far past what I was expecting. Has changed my Life.

Anne, South Carolina

Thank you so very much for my session for Highest Path today.  I really didn’t know what to expect, but I was amazed at how you
guided me to my higher self, it was mind blowing, your session really opened my vision for my future path and for that I am so grateful, you also guided me to my success blocks which were such a surprise.  Leanne, you have such a beautiful style and calm and gentle nature that made me feel like I was in safe hands.  Thank you once again.

Sandy -Australia

Wow thanks so much, the session was really insightful and your follow up is so attentive, thorough and clear. Thank you very much. It’s really useful to have your take on it all to help work it out. Thanks again so much!!! You’re great! X

Casey, UK

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