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  Board Certified,
 Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cl. Hyp,
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner (QHHT) L2
Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT),
Beyond Quantum Healer (BQH)
Holy Fire-Karuna Reiki Master.

 Release the limiting subconscious beliefs that have been holding you back, and embrace positive energies of love, gratitude, and peace. 

MysticMag Interview With Leanne 


Hypnosis is defined as a state of constant focussed attention. In this way it is not dissimilar to meditation except in this trance state you are guided to experience things your sub-conscious, and or Higher self (In QHHT and BQH) wants you to become aware of. So its exciting, captivating and fun to experience these aspects of yourself in this short period of time. You yourself do not need to do anything or know anything or have any special skills whatsoever to do this. It's a natural brain state that you enter into many times each day when driving, watching tv and so on.  It is very easy. You just follow my voice and picture what I describe for you. It is that simple. It is like being read a bedtime story and following along. 

So, RTT is a powerful, award winning approach that brings positive change in 1-3 session. RTT is helpful for any unresolved issues from this lifetime. QHHT and BQH are two other very powerful hypnosis modalities we can discuss which focus on past life regression and more importantly access to the Higher Self to find the answers and guidance you are seeking right now. It's all about finding the right fit for you.

The Strategy call is about YOU and what you want changed in your life. I tailor the approach to suit your needs so we cover as much ground in one session as is possible. This is about YOU seeing the change you want in your life.

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Inner child work is at the core of almost all changes people want to make in their lives, from weight loss, anxiety, depression, to self confidence and abundance. This is because in our early years we are basically walking around in a hypnotic brain state (Delta in the earliest years) and so everything we see, hear, feel and experience shapes us for better or worse. If you want to make changes to this core programming you need to go back and heal the inner child and there is no better approach for this than the award winning RTT- rapid transformational therapy process. This is quick, empowering, and safe. RTT finds the root cause quickly and effectively saving years of talk therapy. Finding the root cause is not enough, RTT also offers powerful processes for resolving the issues while in hypnosis so that  the issues can truly be left behind and in the past where they belong. 

You leave this session with a short custom NLP audio that we create in the session, for reframing your thoughts. You should listen to this for at least 21 days in order the create these new permanent neural networks. Listening to the words literally makes new neural networks form, and new beliefs , for you as you simply listen. 


It feels like magic but this is science at work .  


Sometimes when the origin of the issues lies further back than early childhood then we should look at past life regression. Often the contracts or karma created carries forward and impacts this lifetime,  as does the manner of death, or strong emotions experienced in another time and place. Understanding some past lives is a wonderful ways to understand yourself better and gain insights into yourself. QHHT, Quantum healing Hypnosis Technique  is the technique Dolores Cannon, the famous past-life regressionist used to access  lost knowledge held in the past lives of many thousands of clients she regressed, and documented in her many books. It is the most powerful type of hypnosis that works with the client's Higher Self so that the whole session is filled with love energy as the Highest Self is so loving, so all knowing and looks out for each client's best, highest and happiest future. These are past life journeys with a purpose and not just for entertainment purposes. There will be a reason and a purpose to why a past life is shown to you and that will be explained to you fully during the session by your Higher Self.  You will have resolution and all feelings and energies of the past will be left in the past where they belong, when you are done. 


The Higher Self can also answer questions you may have about your life, like what is your life purpose for example,  and oftentimes will explain and resolve physical issues you are experiencing as well. Quantum healing is a spontaneous healing often performed by the Higher Self if the client is ready for this and has no sub-conscious reasons to keep the issue. This is often a primary reason people seek out past life regression. 

Leanne Hamilton, Cl. Hyp

I believe in Love and that Love heals all. I believe Love is an energy, a thought, and, a feeling. To really harness its power we need to feel it and connect with the energy of it and not just throw the word around.  I believe Like attracts Like and that the energy, and thoughts, you put out is what you attract to you. 

Leanne is a licensed Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) of the Marisa Peer school, a Clinical Hypnotherapist (Cl. Hyp.), a QHHT practitioner, a Beyond Quantum Healer (BQH),  a Reiki Master,  and a Miracle Minded Life Coach (Trained with Marianne Williamson), and,  a Civil Engineer, B.Sc Civ Eng, and MBA graduate.

She is a current member of IACT, International Association of Counsellors and Therapists and the ICRT, International center for Reiki Training. 

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San Jose,  California

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