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I consider it part of my world service to point people in the right direction. These guided meditation resources are part of a much wider collection of spiritual work that is of the highest light. There is much, much deeper work available for you to explore on their website. You will find these meditations are easy to follow, uplifting, and are a real blessing for a quick reset.

They are great visualization tools everyone should have in their toolbox of life skills. If these help you in any way feel free to continue to use them. 

Just to be clear, I am not affiliated with Duane and Sanaya's work, but simply a long-time student. With Much Love... xoxo


Orin Meditation

This is one of my favorite meditations linking with source energy to radiate love to all the groups in your life: family both present and past as well as future family, friends both present and future that you will draw to you and any other social groups you choose. Radiating and receiving soul love from the people around you elevates relationships and creates a sense of love and safety you may have imagined you had lost. It is powerful and works in real-time, so you can imagine these connections at any time or place to recreate the flow of love.


Orin Meditation

Learning to relax your mind and body is a crucial life skill and something that really helps your ability to be hypnotized as it's really about relaxing the conscious, critical mind, and helping you calm down the fight or flight response.


Orin Meditation

Quick visualization of you accessing your higher wisdom and showing yourself what to let go of right now, and what to do to show yourself self-love today.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

The late Dolores Cannon wrote many books on what's she uncovered in her hypnosis sessions and these are all available on Amazon, and elsewhere. The convoluted Universe series is very popular. Hidden Sacred knowledge, and Legacy from the Stars are some of  my favorites, as is Conversations with Nostradamus. Super intriguing mind bending concepts are embedded in these books, real consciousness-expanders for sure.  One of Dolores' own past lives was as a keeper of the library at Alexandria that was destroyed on her watch,  and she felt in her most recent lifetime she was restoring a lot of this lost knowledge for the world. I believe she did.


So, The Dolores Cannon Facebook page is a great place to have access to some of the lively discussions her books still create. This page is managed by Lara Starr, a talented astral projection teacher, an avid researcher, and employee of Julia Cannon, Dolores' daughter. Lara  has a wonderful way of presenting new material to a wide audience. I hope you enjoy it. 

Pink Sofa


Marisa Peer

Information about the powerful and super popular RTT method, the research, the tools, and much more. Click the logo to the right for more RTT information. 

RTT is a highly adaptable approach to therapy and it is the backbone of my practice.

All issues that arise from your current life and personality can be resolved by delving into the subconscious and using the RTT tools on the issue. 


Beyond Quantum Healing Website


BQH is past life regression modality that helps you access your Higher Self,  but is OK to do over zoom. So do not let distance from San Jose, CA stop you from accessing this knowledge you hold inside of you. If you are curious about BQH and would like to read articles relating to it just click the image on the right and you'll be linked to the BQH site.  

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a heart-based and intention oriented method that promotes the idea of allowing energy healers to use ALL  their skills and resources in service to their Clients, all modalities are compatible within the BQH framework, which seeks the guidance toward healing from your Higher Self in issues you face.

 BQH is a past life regression approach that can be done over zoom.  

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marianne williamson a course in miracles

Marianne Williamson's 365 days of ACIM


This is a link to Marianne's daily emails on the Course in Miracles. It is a great way to work through the course as it should be done. It is fee-based but only $25 for the year. You'll love it. You can also buy The Course In Miracles, through any bookseller. I have completed a coaching program directly with Marianne Williamson and if you have any life issues you would like to resolve based on these principles I am happy to coach you through them.


The Official magazine of IACT, International Association of Counsellors and Therapists

If you want to read more about Hypnotherapy and related modalities, and the amazing outcomes hypnotherapy can open up to you, click the image for the link to the IACT magazine. I am board certified through IACT as I have done additional training through them. 

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Sharing the healing energy of Love

Reiki energy is an uplifting healing energy you can access, and share, through meditation or touch and is innately healing and restorative. Love heals all.

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