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Adopting a Growth Mindset Can Help All Areas of your Life.

Science agrees, adopting a "growth mindset" is not just a new age catch phrase, it actually helps you succeed with the areas you are focussing on, and deal with stress better. Watch the attached reel from Stanford University's Professor Huberman on how and why a growth mindset works.

If you found that helpful, and you love science like I do, you can follow his work on Instagram.

So, one of the most transformative and empowering things we can do to shift our lives towards success is to adopt a growth mindset. Essentially that means believing that our abilities are malleable and that we can grow in abilities and rise to the challenge. This allows us to approach tasks and challenges with a positive attitude, curiosity and a willingness to learn something new, no matter how challenging. This opens us up to world of new possibilities.

From a hypnotherapy stand point this is not new of course, reframing any negative thing like "stress" in a positive way that makes you stronger and smarter is what we've been doing for decades. In fact stress literally and scientifically does make you physically stronger, and it does make you more alert. Why not acknowledge this to the mind. Even fear can be relabeled as excitement to better help you cope. Excitement and fear are the same physiological responses in the body... and the subconscious mind is literal it does not discern or reevaluate what you tell it. It is what we call very suggestible. So if you say hey this is excitement . It thinks Yay! How exciting is this right?! Don't confuse your thoughts about this with that part of you that is still judging this as nonsense because that part that is talking is the conscious mind. The conscious mind is always there so just get used to its lack of belief and its harsh judgement and carry on. I see you. I Hear you. We can chat later. For now I am excited ok. I got things to do. Chat later.

Science says this does work and yields beneficial results in terms of your performance under stress, and growing in new ways. This is because, even as the conscious mind judges, the sub-conscious is taking it all in as literal truth. Very literal, very visual, very metaphorical, think dream images. So the two parts of your mind are processing what you are telling it quite differently and its important to know that. Speak to your subconscious very carefully as you would a small child, reframe things. OMG I am so excited for this! How exciting is this hey?! I can do anything I put my mind to. All it takes is effort but I can figure anything out that I need to figure out. And then the 90 percent of your brain that is subconscious will be working for you and not against you. That really helps.

Developing a growth mindset requires you to identify your limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from this growth in abilities and coping skills. They create mental barriers that prevent you from reaching your full potential as a human being, be it in your potential for happiness, for success, for inner peace, relationships, you name it. Limiting beliefs often come from past experiences especially early childhood, society, and negative self talk. So healing one's inner child is a powerful first step in adopting a growth mindset as it releases the past limiting beliefs formed during that time such as "money doesn't grow on trees' and "I am unlovable" and so on. Pretty much any area of your life you want to see growth in, will have some limiting beliefs attached to it that you adopted without realizing. Releasing those beliefs sets you free to grow beyond the limits they imposed on you.

A growth mindset is an attitude of willingess to change, a willingness to see things differently, and a willingness to become resilient, strong and whole. That is precisely where you start.

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