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Different Responses to RTT Hypnotherapy

You cannot predict how every person will respond to RTT hypnotherapy as each mind is unique, as are the expectations that come with it. Recently I had an RTT hypnotherapy session on myself and the issue was such that I felt I already knew the cause of it. I wasn't wrong. I did know and the scenes that came up for me where no surprise at all. What was a surprise was that I did cry when they came up as they are more real in hypnotherapy and even though I was very familiar with the scenes and I had shared these stories with people many many times and felt nothing, being there in my relaxed state of mind allowed me to really feel the suppressed emotions of the scenes. So does this mean it didn't work as it didn't reveal anything new and unknown to me? Absolutely not. Seeing it again under hypnotherapy allowed me to fully access the emotions in my body and cry them out. I could release them using the tools and techniques presented more fully than just thinking about or knowing about the scenes as I had before. Then using the techniques of RTT I was led to fully release and heal those aspects of myself, firstly by understanding them more fully and dialoging with them and secondly by upgrading those parts. I upgraded that little girl and I became her mom. I'm a great mom and now I'm the mom to my own inner child. You can laugh but its truly never too late to have a happy childhood.

So typically, there are people who already know exactly what the cause is. It's their subconscious' inability to release those meanings/feelings that is the issue causing the problem. So a person may be expecting that they were going to access some tremendously different feelings or thoughts that had never felt or seen before, because that's how a lot of sessions go. But there are times when the mind knows EXACTLY what the root cause is and has always known this and in that case you go to scenes that are familiar to you, with no surprises. Being in hypnosis allows you to finally release those feelings from your subconscious mind so you are not running your daily thought processes through those same filters, as that's no longer serving you.

Listening to the audio for 21 days also helps immensely in releasing those feelings and beliefs and in upgrading that whole experience with the limiting filters fully removed, and building in the new beliefs over 21 days. So for some the change is right away after the session as now they have new insights and understanding is key, and for others it takes 21 days of listening to the audio to build in new beliefs and feelings, replacing the old. Either way transformation happens. Also remember that there are layers to most complex things, especially if they were build up over decades. That's why some issues can take up to 3 sessions to completely resolve. I've had sessions where I felt massive insights from a session created much cathartic change and then slowly as the weeks went by I felt the issue coming back in a slightly different way with a different face. So that first session allowed me to knockout that first layer/block, which made my second session SO much more productive and helpful. I felt entirely cured of my now non-problem in two sessions.

Healing is a journey and the one way to start healing and living life more fully is to start the journey and see where it takes you.

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