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The Life Changing Power of the Custom Audio.

In the session we uncover limiting beliefs such as "work is not fun", " money is the root of all evil" or "its not available to me" , or "I am not enough" and we reframe them in various ways using a variety of custom RTT tools, that are phenomenally effective. This differentiates RTT hypnotherapy from regular hypnotherapy which doesn't go in and change your beliefs for you. We do. You get to give the formative life events that shaped entirely new meanings, you look at them from a new perspective and update your beliefs and conclusions about what happened, and we then lock in this new beliefs into a custom audio that we record during the last 10-15 minutes of the session.

This is a super powerful and life changing, practical way to rewire the neural networks. Think of neural networks as paths in a forrest, the sub conscious thoughts you think often, and have since childhood, are worn and established paths and tracks in the forrest, and now you want to think in brand new ways so you need to break through the forrest and cut branches and remove debris so you can walk this new path with your new thoughts. Thinking new thoughts and new beliefs just once wont change your life just as walking a new path in a forrest just once won't make that an established path. You have real work to do to clear that path and move everything out the way, each time you walk the new path you trample the grass down, kick away branches, until eventually its a well worn and open path that will always be available to you, as a natural and easy, instinctive way to think. You've created a new neural pathway. This takes at least 21 days, scientists say. So you need to listen to your audio for 21 days as this new pathway to abundance, more confidence, joy and aliveness is created for you. If you want a new life and a new way of being you need new thoughts. Put another way if you want a better life than you have now, you have to break the habit of being you. So lets do this! Its easy and all we have to do is relax and listen. Anyone can do it.

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