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Clearing the Blocks to Love's Presence with Hypnotherapy

RTT Hypnotherapy has many powerful tools to transform lives. In a Course in Miracles, it begins by telling us that this is a course on love, and it is a required course, however love, it goes on to say, cannot be taught and we can only help you to remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance. We arrive in this world free of fears, and traumas, and limiting beliefs. We arrive expecting to be cared for and most people are, but some along the way accumulate small and big traumas, or limiting beliefs about love and whether they are worthy of it. Even highly functioning people may hide traumas that affect their ability to truly give and receive love. With hypnotherapy they can release these blockages quickly to reveal love's true presence.

For some, these words might not mean very much, yet for many who are reading now, there is a deep emotional resonance with the idea that you already know how to love and that you only need to open your heart, clear your fears, and limiting beliefs and traumas, and remember who you truly are. Your arrived in this world free of limiting beliefs and traumas and you can absolutely heal yourself of them. Awakening to these deeper truths is what Hypnotherapy is all about.

And best of all It’s easy. All that is required is your willingness to be truly free. All that is required is to let go of that which no longer serves you. Inside of you is tremendous love, joy, peace, and bliss. Inside of you is every positive emotion that you’ve ever wanted to experience. It does not have to be put in there, as it merely needs to be uncovered.

Imagine that your heart is like a diamond covered in dirt. The diamond is still there, you only need to be willing to clear the darkness that veils an inner light that can literally heal you and heal the world.

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