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What is hypnotherapy?

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Hypnotherapy uses the altered state of mind, known as hypnosis, to gain access to the subconscious mind to effect change on deeper levels beyond what the conscious mind can. For instance, many people struggle to change attitudes, emotions, or behaviors just through their power of will, only to find that their stronger subconscious emotional mind tends to win time and time again. We all want our subconscious minds to respond to our most positive intentions, yet despite our best efforts another part of our mind tends to take over with old patterns that no longer serve us. Through hypnotherapy, we can reprogram the subconscious mind to truly be an ally in our health and well-being.

Hypnotherapy is a natural mental state that you allow yourself to slip into many times each day. For example when watching tv and actually following the story and not playing on your phone you can often slip into an alpha brain state or deeper even. Sometimes when driving (as this is so autonomous to most of us) we can slip into an alpha state and end up driving to a familiar destination instead of where we were wanting to go as we lost concentration, we slipped into a hypnotic state , a relaxed sate. It's very easy and very natural and you haven't "lost control" as such, you can still drive right?! You can choose to focus again at any moment. It's a state of relaxation. in RTT hypnosis, we achieve this state very simply through eye movements which will be demonstrated to you, and body relaxation, and then while in hypnosis we talk just as we normally would and you keep your eyes closed. RTT hypnosis is light hypnosis for the very reason that you need to be able to communicate your thoughts and feelings for this process to work. So don't expect to be "hypnotized" but do expect to feel simply relaxed. Also expect to retain control. Its a very comfortable and natural state and feels much like just chatting with your eyes closed. However when you do open you eyes and reflect back you will realize what seemed obvious and easy to access while in the session is new and profoundly interesting to you now, as you wouldn't have thought of that and the pieces of the puzzle are now put together for you. You have insights into yourself you didn't have before and that feels great and empowering. You will love it!

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