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Why Does Our Childhood Affect us so Deeply?

I know I have thought it. The past is over and why would those years carry so much more weight and impact on my behavior and beliefs than all the amazing, love filled, and happy years I have had since? Why do those first 14 years impact me still?

I'll tell you why. Between the ages 0-2 the brain is predominantly in delta brainwave frequency. This is the slowest brainwave frequency you can possibly achieve in the deepest type of meditation and sleep and so you are like a sponge absorbing everything, every single word and event, you see, hear and feel, and it all goes into your deepest mental programming. Then around 2 it moves to predominantly Theta waves, so still absorbing everything without judgement. Theta waves are still the brain states of sleep and meditation, like a twilight brain state. At this age a child is still absorbing everything indiscriminantly and also picking up on the more subtle emotions, totally without discernment. Around 6-8 the brain changes again and our personality begins to form, meaning that any beliefs we have formed about ourselves start to get hard wired into our systems. Then around 14 our critical mind finally starts to develop. This is the mind starting to sort out what's real for us and what's not real for us, what we want and what we don't want. This is when we can start making real choices in our lives.

So for all of us who didn't have the easiest childhoods, by the time we get to 14 , we have already absorbed so much without judgement or discernment and into such a deep part of the brain that it can be debilitating. We have already formed strong beliefs about ourselves and who we are, and what's available to us in life. So if we want to be free of these limiting beliefs imposed on us by flawed human beings living flawed lives as best as they can, you can see we need to go back to that early childhood coding, often before the age of 8, and re-examine and reframe it. We need to change the meaning we have assigned to it. We owe this to ourselves and to the limitless potential we have been given to manifest.

The most accessible way of doing this is through hypnosis because to goes straight into to our subconscious minds by relaxing us quickly and easily into a meditative state of alpha or theta brainwaves. Hypnosis is a simple technique for slowing down the brain waves into a state of relaxation, and then accessing the childhood traumas from this state, and re- evaluating and re-framing it with all the judgement and discernment of an emotionally astute adult.

Often you didn't realize the beliefs you formed at that time were pulling the strings in your daily life now. This is more often the case than not. Often the root cause is something you did not expect, or didn't realize the extent of it. You didn't realize the death of a father would cause you to behave this way, or the off comment of a stranger would change your whole perception of yourself in such a negative way. These are surprising connections that cannot come out in regular talk therapy as you were not consciously aware of them, and this is where a large part of the value of hypnosis lies. It allows you to locate and uproot the root cause of your issue very quickly. It's like weeding and tending a garden. You get to pick what stays and what goes. This is your divine birthright and conscious living at its best.

Knowledge is power, and self knowledge is the most powerful, transforming power out there. With hypnosis, you can be free of the emotional triggers and the raw spots in your emotional and behavioral life because those limiting beliefs you formed in infancy and early childhood, are no longer there, you weeded them out and replaced them with empowering and life affirming thoughts and beliefs of your choosing. The limiting beliefs of a small child battling to make sense of what's going on around her no longer define your behavioral and emotional responses as an adult, they are brought to the light and forever altered. That is the transformative power of hypnosis.

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