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What on Earth Is My Life Purpose, People? Four steps to get you going in the right direction.

Leanne Hamilton

So how do you figure out your life purpose, the thing you came here to do? And, most importantly, how do you not spend half your life trying to figure this out by trial and error? I feel I’m qualified to help you with this because I have spent half my life figuring it out.

First thing not to do is use your head. When I was 18 and off to university, I figured I was great at math and great at art, so I would average that out, and go in the middle direction. By my calculations that was an architect, and then seeing as I needed a scholarship, I decided to tweek that ever so slightly, into civil engineering. Viola. Problem solved you’d think, but obviously not. I worked as an engineer for a few years. Day after day, this slowly and steadily taught me how wrong those averaging calculations were. Life doesn’t work that way. Finding a true purpose in life isn’t found by blending your current interests or talents, it has to have deep meaning for you. Deep meaning in not found in your head space, or through use of a calculator. It is found in your heart space, you feel your way there.

Second thing to do is to start connecting with your gut instinct, your intuition, the small voice within. Start today, start now. What is your intuition telling you about this decision? Intuition talks to you through urges, ideas, insights and feelings, so pay attention to your inner world of ideas and feelings. Meditation skills are a real leg up here. If you are forcing yourself to go in one direction but your heart is wishing for a different outcome, you are not following your intuition. Know that your intuition is never switched off and it sends signals constantly, giving you feedback in every moment on how to move towards greater joy, aliveness, and a higher path. And oddly enough, we are looking for our highest path right now, so that is a great help for us.

Thirdly you need to find the joy in life. I don’t mean a 7 day party, I mean business, so let us look at your schedule. Take out your phone, and look at your calendar. What do you have to do today? What one thing can you do to make these activities more joyful, even just slightly? Invite a friend along for the ride? Is there a way to do what you have to do differently so that you can bring more joy to yourself and others? What can I remove from my day, or add to my day, to bring me more joy? Finding the crumbs of joy in life is a powerful clue as to what motivates us, drives us and sets us on fire. When you are experiencing enjoyment in your day, you attract more of the same. It also gives you a way to evaluate your life, day by day, task by task, until you look back and find you’ve built a life that is packed with meaningful activities that invigorate you, and make you feel alive with purpose.

Next, start figuring out how an ideal life looks for you. Create a vision board if you are crafty, or an inner vision if you are a meditator. Guide yourself into some blue skies thinking. Spend time on this and give yourself permission to dream big, entirely free of limitations. This is where your hidden limiting beliefs will suddenly spring up out of nowhere, telling you this isn’t available to you. This is a radical thought but try to hold the possibility that it is reasonable and doable to find something to do with your life that excites you, brings you joy, makes you feel like you are fulfilling your mission on earth, or doing your damn best to do so, that adds to your self-worth, allows your inner-light to shine, and elevates those around you. You not there yet? That’s ok. All that says is that you have limiting beliefs and you are gonna want to try to list them off and repurpose the slightly iffy ones, and just completely toss the really bad ones that are keeping you tied down to a life of misery. Change your beliefs, change your life. In other words if you want a different life for yourself you’ll have to break all the habits of thinking like you.

So there you have it. Four steps to reorient your thinking on your life purpose and where it may be hiding. A personalized RTT hypnotherapy session on this topic would involve seeking the council of your highest self as well as regressing to a time when you might have known what gave you most joy in early life, what talents and skills thrill you, as well as going forward to your future self for insights. By looking in various places for the answer we build up a mosaic of what drives you from multiple angles and helps you shed light on your purpose as an evolving, living thing. A life purpose is the joy and connection you have with what you do, and what it means in terms of your own healing and wholeness story. Making a real connection with your purpose bring a calm to your life, that only true guidance can bring.

However, know that as you evolve in consciousness, so does your life purpose. So stay open to intuitive communication within yourself and keep growing. As you start moving in the right direction you will feel the joy expand, the expanding calm that comes with a sense of purpose., and a growing aliveness. You feel focussed. It’s an unmistakable feeling, and you are absolutely going to love it. You came here to live out your life purpose, to be the best and highest version of yourself. So start the work and let’s see what you are really capable of!

Leanne Hamilton is a RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) hypnotherapist, Light body Meditator, a Miracle Minded Life Coach (using the principles of ACIM), Holy Fire III Reiki Master, a represented visual artist, and an ex- engineer. She runs a busy hypnotherapy practice, Let the Light In, in the Bay Area. She offers signature programs for life path seekers, and those making affirming life changes.

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